"As an athlete she became world champion, as a coach she studied under the top specialists in their fields for many years. In addition to this, Soisci is constantly exploring and developing new methods of developing both externally and internally.
It is from that deep well of knowledge and experience that Soisci draws when she teaches.

She is is fierce, powerful and agile like wildcat. Loyal, playful and empathetic like a puppy, and wise and intuitive like an owl .
A very unique and gifted teacher with integrity, authenticity and a sense of humour rolled into one.
If you have the opportunity to work with Soisci jump at it."

Paul Logan



"Soisci has been both a teacher and a friend for over 5 years, and Soisci really kick-started my interest in movement generally. Since childhood, I believed I was uncoordinated, unfit and bad at sports. Soisci never allowed my own belief in my limitations to hold me back and encouraged me to overcome my fears and limitations. 

She see's what her students can achieve before they do, and with her help, all aspects of my movement practice have improved. I went from struggling to hang from a bar to doing gymnastic rings based upper body strength work, hand balancing and soft acrobatics. With her help, I also became more confident learning new movement patterns and disciplines, such as parkour and climbing. 

She has also consistently encouraged her students to be creative and link their movement practice with life generally. For me, this means exploring more the link between movement and visual arts. I loved our journey together over the past years and look forward to continue this journey for years to come."

Ding Chen



"I have been attending Soisci's awesome movement classes and receiving private mentoring for over a year now. I first was very impressed with her movement ability as an athlete and later found her an extremely great communicator and teacher.

Soisci has a great eye for detail and picking up the finer points allowing her students to progress with their practice in a consistent and safe way. She has built a great open community with her group classes which has a balance of strong athletes and everyday movement enthusiasts. 

The sessions strike a beautiful balance between fun and work and the "work" is equally fun in a way that the exercises are set to challenge the body and the mind, leaving you feeling really stimulated after a workout. I've really love working with Soisci and I look forward to continuing in the future."

Nic Laidlaw 



"Soisci taught me everything from Muay Thai to movement. She is an extraordinary and inspirational trainer, with an outstanding attitude and dedication. She worked with me mentally, physically and emotionally. Her tips on nutrition were excellent and her energy infectious. 

Even now when we don’t live in the same country, there is still genuine care and interest in my movement/fitness journey. I miss my regular sessions and there is no one quite like her in Hong Kong!"

Agnes Kuan



"I have loved movement classes with Soisci. She's managed to draw a diverse and open group of people who are dedicated to progressing in the field of movement (and beyond). Such a gathering speaks volumes of what Soisci brings to training - a welcoming, supportive and encouraging class that takes movement seriously….   in a fun and playful way!"

Helen Padarin