What you can expect:

You will be guided and nurtured through your personal health journey, where we work towards increasing your physical intelligence and unlocking previously inaccessible abilities. You’ll receive specific, individualized steps and concepts; to transform your skill sets, daily habits, your internal well being, and your relationship with yourself and with the world.

Anyone who is open and willing to put the work in will benefit from training under Human Patterns; whether you are a seasoned athlete or a sedentary elder that is struggling with decreased physical freedom, there is more gold waiting to be discovered.

Areas worked on include:

Coordination & Neural-plasticity                                            Rhythm & Timing                                                                 Balance & Re-balancing Work                                              Pre-hab & Re-hab                                                        Structural Integrity                                                        Strength                                                                                Kinetic Potential                                                                    Power Exploration                                                                Functional Mobility                                                                Joint Health & Architectural Organisation of your Skeleton     Creativity & Playfulness                                                    Tactile Communication                                                          Games & Adaptability                                                          Attention to your Organs                                                      Refined Motor Skills Breath Work                                                    Working in pairs and in groups (different partners provide unpredictable scenarios which promotes adaptability).          Working Alone                                                            Stilling the Mind, Observing & Positive Re-patterning. Discussing individualised healthy habits and routines to improve health, sensitivity, quality of life, and empowerment.            

Activities outside of classes are also organised for the community to enjoy together.


What is expected of you:

Arrive to class open, humble, and respectful; you will leave with much more. *Please do your best to arrive on time and keep your phone out of sight (and sound) during sessions.

Be willing to give (not necessarily in a material sense); everyone grows faster this way. This is a community, not a collective that meets only to exercise.

Develop a practice and stick with it; there is no instant gratification.

No one is special, everyone will experience discomfort at some point, and everyone needs to put in the work. Great things come out of this kind of work ethic.

Stay present and engaged in all your practices; if you just go through the motions it will make for a meaningless practice.

Spend more time on the things that you have been neglecting or that you are not good at; great things come out of this too.